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Computer Science and Media Department (Pirgos)


The Department aims at the development of scientific, creative and proffessional background of the graduates and to their subsequent creative application to achieve communication and media optimization operationaly and through the transmmited content.It targets the above through education, research, constant application of digital technologies as information carriers, communication methods and modern media, the press, vision and sound transmissions and the in depth knowledge of the journalist proffession.
The Department provides the neccessary training and practice which is needed for a successfull career both in proffessional and research level.The graduate holds neccessary knowledge for the design and production of printed, audiovisual and digital material and its use by the respective industries and corporations including media, advertisment touristic and educational industry
He is capable of installing, using and programming a variety of computer systems and printing, audio, visual peripherals.He can analyze the related needs and produce the right material .Programming and automating the function and flow of work in the media units
He is aware of the means to achive constant communication with the viewer, listener, reader, and has the neccessary academic background in a variety of interests. He can be employed as a journalist, producer, content designer,media systems technician,market researcher,computer systems technician, in a wide field of corporations of thepulic or private sector.
Handles a plethora of programs.Finally he can organize and operate respective service providers.The successfull completion of the education can lead to post graduate and under graduate studies with collaborating Universities

Department Supervisor: Mrs. Maria Iglessi, Associate Professor

Department Deputy Supervisor: Dr. Athanasios Koutras, Assistant Professor

Department Secretary: Panagiota Goridari, Sigourou Evgenia

tel: 26210 - 20888
fax: 26210 - 20889

Student Service Timetable :

MONDAY 10:00 - 12:00
TUESDAY 10:00 - 12:00
WEDNESDAY 10:00 - 12:00
THURSDAY 10:00 - 12:00
FRIDAY 10:00 - 12:00


Web Site : http://www.pyrgos.teipat.gr

Department Laboratories :
- Computer Science Laboratory
- Computer Programming Laboratory
- Computer Networks Laboratory
- Data Base Laboratory
- Digital Technology Laboratory
- Statistics Laboratory
- Desk Top Publishing Laboratory
- Production Design Laboratory
- Media Technologies Laboratory
- Computer Created Image and Sound
- Model Creative design Laboratory
- Transmssion Technologies Laboratory
- Electronic Journalism Laboratory
- Multimedia Production Laboratory
- Web Technology Laboratory
- Graphics, movement and computer simulation Laboratory
- Three dimensional Graphics Laboratory
- Radio Television Production Laboratory
- Multimedia Creative Design Laboratory
- Signal Processing Laboratory
- Work Flow Planning Laboratory
- Mass communication Laboratory
- Multimedia Educational Programs Laboratory
- Web Graphics Technology Laboratory
- Senior Seminar Laboratory
- Postproduction Laboratory
- e-Marketing and Media Laboratory
- Foreign Language Laboratory

Department Curriculum

semester A
. Introduction to Theoretical Informatics
. Computer Programming
. Mathematics
. Sociology Issues
. Basic Illustration Principles(Color, Design, Photography)
. Public Relations

semester B
. Computer Networks
. Data Bases
. Digital Technology (Document, Image, Video and Sound)
. Statistics Issues
. Introduction to Media
. Journalism

semester C
. Digital Technology(2D/3D Graphics)
. Desk Top Publishing
. Production Planning
. Media Technologies
. Corporate Contact
. Advertisment Issues

semester D
. Computer created Image and Sound
. Electronic Publishing Graphics
. Model Creative Design
. Transmission Technologies
. Human Resources Managment
. Electronic Journalism

semester E
. Multimedia Production
. Web Technology
. Graphics , Movement, Computer Simulation
. Three Dimensional Graphics
. Radio Television Production
. Multimedia Creative Design

semester F
. Signal Process
. Work Flow Programming
. Mass Communication
. Educational Multimedia Programs
. Web Graphics Technologies
. Economic Science Principles

semester G
. Senior Seminar
. Legislation Principles and Media
. Postproduction
. e-Marketing and Media
. Media Organization
. English - Terminology

semester H
. Internship
. Thesis

Optional Direction Lessons
. First direction Media Technology and Information Systems
- Ergonomy
- Virtual Reality
- Real time data processing
- Principles of philosofy
- Media Ethics
. Second direction creative design
- Art and Culture
- New Materials
- CAD Design
- Principles of philosofy
- Advertisment - Design ethics
. Third direction Electronic Journalism
- Principles of philosofy
- Political History
- Financial History
- Interviews
- Community Issues
- Journalism Ethics




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